TIKR: Institutional-grade investing for individuals

TIKR is democratizing access to tools that Wall Street has used for decades to analyze investments


The highest quality financial data powered by S&P Global Capital IQ on 50,000+ companies globally, comprehensive idea generation tools, valuation workflow and more.

High Quality Financial Data

Easily analyze and visualize financial metrics, ratios, valuation multiples, ownership data, comparable companies, and more over 15 years. Stop having to wonder if your input data is correct and start making better investment decisions with our stock valuation tool

Comprehensive Idea Generation Tools

Use best-in-class stock screeners, build watchlists, track top Wall Street investors' stock picks, and receive personalized stock recommendations from our proprietary AI-based algorithms

Transcripts & Filings

Read earnings and conference transcripts, company filings, and investor presentations for 50,000+ companies around the world. Access consensus estimates, analyst price targets, and management guidance - all in one place

Curated News

World class financial news with additional analysis on significant developments for companies globally. Separate the signal from the noise of the daily news cycle!