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Explore financials, estimates, valuation metrics, ratios, and more for 100k+ stocks globally

  • Gain access to accurate, institutional-quality financial data powered by S&P Global CapitalIQ

  • Easily analyze and visualize 15+ years of detailed financials, ratios, consensus estimates, and valuation multiples

  • View thousands of metrics like P/E, EV/EBITDA, ROIC, ROE, P/FCF, P/AFFO, P/NAV, and more!

Use our powerful global equity screener to find stocks that best fit your portfolio

  • Filter through the global universe of stocks with 1,000+ metrics, including by country, industry, financials, ratios, and multiples

  • View data by absolute value, % growth, and CAGRs and by Fiscal Year, Calendar Year, Last Twelve Months, and more

  • Easily add stocks to your watchlist to further diligence and monitor your target companies

Easily track the investment portfolios of hedge funds and other multi-billion dollar institutions globally

  • Track the portfolios of sophisticated investors globally like Berkshire Hathaway, Tiger Global, Pershing Square, and thousands of other investors

  • TIKR goes beyond just 13-F filings and also tracks international filings, shareholder reports, 13Ds, and more to give a holistic view of ownership

  • Easily follow TIKR's highlighted list of Investing gurus across Value, GARP, Aggressive Growth, and other investing strategies

Read transcripts, company filings, and curated news to keep up with your companies

  • View earnings and conference transcripts, company filings, and investor presentations for companies globally

  • Separate the signal from the noise with curated news powered by Reuters

  • Stay on top of your companies with our watchlist news feed that highlights upcoming events, company news, filings & transcripts

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